Christian Education

Sunday School – Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

6 Reasons Sunday School Is Important

  1. Sunday School improves your Bible knowledge. When you know and understand God’s Word for yourself, you are more likely to obey the Lord and have a closer relationship with Him.
  2. Sunday School assists your spiritual growth.  Sunday School is a small group where different topics and questions can be addressed in order that everyone in the group can move forward spiritually.
  3. Sunday School provides a “place to belong.” In a Sunday School class, you are known, personally recognized and transparency is more likely to occur. You can share needs and concerns from your life. As you participate in class discussions, you become part of the group.
  4. Sunday School helps you build meaningful relationships. In this small group, you meet people, learn their names, and hear their stories. You can share fellowship times with class members.
  5. Sunday School values your time. Sunday School groups happen on Sunday at
    9:30 a.m.…at a time when you should already be here. If you attend the 8 a.m. or
    8:30 a.m. Service, stay for 1 more hour. If you attend the 10:30 a.m. Service, just come 1 hour earlier. It is 1 hour worthy of your time.
  6. Sunday School has a place for the whole family. In one trip to church, your entire family can participate in the important purposes of Bible study, fellowship, and discipleship. You can have the assurance of knowing every member of your family is involved in weekly, small-group Bible study, which is growing their Bible knowledge and helping them grow spiritually.

The classes are studying The Gospel Project, a Journey Through the Storyline of Scripture. This will take men and women on a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. Each week, participants will encounter God’s plan of redemption in Scripture through the study of Bible narrative, the essential doctrines of the faith, and the call to join in God’s mission locally and around the world.


CLASS NAME Ages Place Teacher
Crying room/
Unattended Nursery
Parental Discretion Main Building:
Nursery 0 – 2 yrs Education Building:
1st floor
Tonya Clark
2s and 3s Class 2 – 4 yrs Education Building:
1st floor
10:30: Lilly Beasley
Pre K and K Class 4 – 5 yrs Education Building:
1st floor
9:30: Tammy McCready, and Brandy McCready-Payne
10:30: Renee Ingram,
Michael & Jackie Brabham
Elementary Class 6 – 11 yrs Education Building:
1st floor
9:30: Angie Adkins, Larry Grubbs, Linda Grubbs
10:30: Kristian Beasley
(10:30 program is called Upgrade)
The above classes remain after Sunday School for a second hour during
10:30 a.m.
Middle & High School Class 12 – 18 yrs Education Building:
2nd floor
Kristian Beasley
NEXT 18 – 30 yrs
Single or Married
Education Building:
2nd floor
Melissa Joyner
Tabernacle 100/200* Education Building:
Room 106
Lenore Hood
Tom Jones
Harvesters 300* Education Building:
Room 107
David Booker
Heartbuilders 300* Education Building:
Room 102
Rick Atkinson
David Ingram

*100 200 300 Level Adult Classes are as follows:

100 Adult Classes are designed for visitors, non-Christians, new believers, and those who would like more basic explanations about the Bible lessons.

200 Adult Classes are designed for believers who know Bible basics and do not need basic explanations about Bible characters, places, ideas, etc.

300 Adult Classes are designed for mature believers who know Bible basics and need little explanation about theology and are ready for deep study and life application.

If you have not filled out a 100 200 300 Level Tool, you can find them here pdf. This tool is entirely personal to will help you determine which level of our adult Sunday School might be best for you.

New Beginnings Christian Church Christian Education Ministry exists to develop faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in all stages of life.

  • develop” means to offer a wide range of programs for spiritual growth
  • faithful” means consistency in character, speech and action
  • disciples” means continuously following after Jesus Christ to learn and become like Him
  • all stages of life” means we never stop learning from infancy until death

We Value:

  • The Bible as the inerrant Word of God and the only rule of faith and practice
  • Excellence in standards, curriculum, and facilities
  • Programs and efforts for people in all stages of life
  • The safety and security of all our members

Primarily Goals:

  1. Salvation of the souls under the care of the church
  2. Bible literacy and understanding of Christian beliefs
  3. Preparation of children for lifelong discipleship
  4. Preparation of adults for service and leading younger believers
  5. Constant growth and learning


If you have any questions regarding classes 
please call Kristian Beasley, our Associate Minister of Youth and Children,
at 813-837-3451 or email.

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