2020 Vision Plan

Worship  Study Serve Evangelize

2020 Vision Plan for NBCC

Our Vision…New Beginnings Christian Church exists for every member to be in an active authentic relationship with God reaching out to bring others to Him.

We Value…Correct Biblical teaching which leads to an authentic relationship with God (years 2016-2020). Family atmosphere which connects people to one another. Permanent life change which spreads to others in spheres of influence.

Our Five-Year Plan…2018 Breaking of Bread (THIS YEAR!)
2016 Apostle’s Teaching, 2017 The Fellowship, 2019 Prayer, 2020 Book of Acts

Our Challenge…Worship 1 Hour, Study 1 Hour, Serve 1 Hour, and Evangelize 1 Hour, named the “1111 Challenge”.

2018 Monthly “Breaking of Bread” Emphasis

A year of focusing on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross though the sacrament of communion. The first Sunday of the month (starting in February) we will have a  special worship service focused on communion during the 10:30 Service. Each of these services will be a memorable event which drives the sermons and emphasis of the church.

  • January Focus: Atonement
  • February Focus: Blood
  • March Focus: Confession
  • April Focus: Deliverance
  • May Focus: Eternal Life
  • June Focus: Forgiveness
  • July Focus: Grace
  • August Focus: Hope
  • September Focus: Sacrifice
  • October Focus: Love
  • November Focus: Messiah

1111 Challenge Opportunities – Suggestions


How can you get the best out of your time while in church worshipping?

  • Turn off your cell phone and do not check it while in the service. Tweeting the sermon is one thing if you do it.
  • Checking messages or seeing if anyone called is distracting you from God. Plus a ringing phone during service is obnoxious.
  • Get to NBCC about 15 minutes before the service starts so that you are not in a rush. Feeling rushed is never a good thing.
  • Focus on the words that you are singing. Even if you do not like the type of music (maybe it is too fast or slow), focus on the words that are coming from your mouth to God’s ears. Do you mean the words you are saying? Are you singing the words to God?
  • Have a prayerful attitude the whole time.
  • Prepare your communication card and offering before the communion time so that you are not distracted during this prayerful time. Communion time is meant to be a quiet reflective time of the service full of prayer and thinking.
  • Take notes on the sermon for things you need to remember or make as a permanent part of your heart.
  • If a certain song strikes you, write the words down or sing it on your way out of church. Try and keep singing the song that moved your heart to extend your worship time outside the walls of the church.
  • Be consistently in church weekly with the purpose of worshipping.


Come on a consistent weekly basis

Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. on Sundays for all

7 p.m. Monday Ladies’ Bible Study (Room 102)

6:45 a.m. Tuesday Men’s Bible Study (Room 101)

Wednesday nights,
7 p.m. for all

God’s Word is at the center of much of what we do here at NBCC. An authentic believer in Jesus Christ is someone who regularly reads God’s Word and studies it to learn how to live life. Period. If you are not reading God’s Word, you cannot live the Christian life effectively. It is impossible. It is important for you to read your Bible when you are at home. The church should not be the only place your Bible is read. Church should not be the only place the Bible app on your phone is opened. You should not leave your Bible in the car so you will have in next Sunday.

Take stock of your day and figure out when you can read your Bible for yourself. It takes time to read. It takes time to pray and ask God to show you what His Word means. Carve out 15 minutes before your day starts to read. Or, spend some time at lunch reading God’s Word. Or, make it a ritual that you read from the Bible before sleeping.

Here is a simple approach to reading and understanding God’s Word:

Step 1: Observation

(What does the passage say?)
Observation is the first and most important step in the process. As you read the Bible text, you need to look carefully at what is said, and how it is said. Look for: Terms, Structure, Emphasis of words, Repetition, Relationships between ideas, Cause-and-effect, Ifs and thens, Questions and answers, Comparisons and contrasts, Atmosphere, Answer Who? What? Where? When?

Step 2: Interpretation

(What does the passage mean?)
Interpretation is discovering the meaning of a passage, the author’s main thought or idea.

Context. You can answer 75 percent of your questions about a passage when you read around the text you are looking at. Cross-references. Let Scripture interpret Scripture. That is, let other passages in the Bible shed light on the passage you are looking at. Conclusions. What an­swers are included in the passage. Consultation. Reading commentaries can help you interpret Scripture.

Step 3: Application

(What am I going to do about what the passage says and means?)

  • How does the truth revealed here affect my relationship with God? How does this truth affect my relationship with others?
  • How does this truth affect me?
  • How does this truth affect my response to the enemy, Satan?
  • The application step is not completed by simply answering these ques­tions; the key is putting into practice what God has taught you in your study.
  • You can also come on (continue with the rest that’s already there)


You now have the opportunity to get a spiritual gifts inventory. This is a man-made tool designed to help a believer uncover his or her spiritual gifts. This is just one tool to help do that. Below are places on the internet you can go to read about spiritual gifts and/or to take an inventory online:

After you take one (or two to compare) of these inventories, please make an appointment to talk with Troy about what the inventory reveals and where you might serve at NBCC on a regular ongoing basis. Our church is hurting for people to be serving in their giftedness.

A basic understanding of church is that it is the Body of Christ. As the Body of Christ, the church is made up of many parts (people). Each part (person) has a role to play. Each person who is part of a local gathering of believers is given a gift to use in the church.

  • Are you using your gifts and talents for God?
  • Are you just taking up space?
  • Are you excusing yourself from serving?


Evangelism means a believer shares about God, Jesus Christ, saving faith, or the Christian way of life with someone who is not already a believer in Jesus Christ. It must be done on purpose to a specific person. It can be done with words orally. It can be done with words written.

What opportunities do you have?

Look around you
Jamaica Missions Trip and other trips this year.

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