Jamaica Mission Trip & “Walk for Life”

Faith Promise 2017-2018

– “Around the World and Across the Street”

Around the World and Across the Street

The Mission Committee normally meets on the second Sunday of the month about noon (directly following the 10:30 Service) in Room 101. Due to Mother’s Day, the next meeting is Sunday, August 12.

Monthly Mission Focus

July’s mission focus is University of Florida Christian Campus House led by Bob and Celeste Gailey. The purpose of the UF Christian Campus House (taken from their website) is that they “are a non-denominational Christian Church (Restoration Movement) College Student Ministry in Gainesville. Our greatest desire is to turn our focus primarily on our ministry to our students:

  • To provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, service, worship and study;
  • To encourage the students to develop a sense of responsibility to Christ and His church, to their campus, and to the world;
  • To assist students in their personal ministry of evangelism and their development toward leadership, in Christ and in the world;
  • To assist those students outside of Christ to accept Him as their personal Savior.
  • To the aforementioned end, we are proud of our student leaders and of the programs that gave rise to their leadership acumen.

Faith Promise Giving Reminder

Note: NBCC was a little shy in June with our Faith Promise giving in order to meet all our obligations to all our missions. Please keep that in mind for July. We want to make sure our missions have our full $upport. Also, if you would like to give a $pecial gift, that would be great! A whole bunch of $mall gift$ would work very well! Our missions are important to us at NBCC and giving is done by faith. Here is a reminder of the  organizations we support: Caribbean Christian Construction, Deaf Missions, Family Ministries of Florida, IDES, USF Impact, Jamaica Christian Mission, Johnson University Florida, Lake Aurora Christian Camp, New Life Solutions, and UF Christian Campus House (this month’s Mission of the Month).

Passport Required

To participate in any mission trip outside the United States, you must have a valid USA Passport and that passport must be valid for 6 months after the scheduled return dates. If you don’t have a passport, apply ASAP for a passport.

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